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Accredited Health Coach Training (RMR)

Accredited Health Coach Training (RMR)

Qualify as a Health Coach

In collaboration with Real Meal Revolution:

Learning to blend Coaching, Mentoring and Training (educating & empowering) is the most efficient way for creating self-sustaining people.
Using these skills, tools and techniques, you will learn how to change a needy and draining client into a self-sustainable champion and winning advert for more business. This makes the difference between you and your clients surviving versus thriving.



This course is accredited through The University Of The Free State. It boasts of 30 credits of NQF level 6. The 30 credits can be transferred to most universities worldwide or for CPD points.

Please Note: there are no notes or classes  here - everything takes place online with Zoom. All necessary information will be forwarded to you after registration. 


Participants who complete this training will be able to:

  • Fully understand and blend Coaching, Mentoring and Training.
  • Learn over 30 internationally recognised coaching skills
  • Learn to use and confidently apply over 20 tools
  • Coach people to freedom from addictive behaviour
  • Help clients identify and deal with triggers
  • Effectively guide a client through implementing a permanent lifestyle change
  • Identify and eradicate stressors that trigger eating
  • Empower clients to change negatives into positives, to reduce the impact of Cortisol spikes
  • Connect Personal Core Values, Personality to your clients new goals, ensuring champion behaviour and exponential winning
  • Help clients deal with stressful relationships that impact their eating
  • Know when to apply a tough love approach
  • Learn to confidently challenge clients through difficult topics and set courageous goals
  • Help your clients “Face the FACTS” when in denial
  • Positively impact their relationships in family and working environment
  • Get all the coaching skills you need to effortlessly coach your clients through their spaces of tension and awkwardness.

In addition, you will be well prepared to pursue additional accreditation through an international accredited governing body, should you need to. There are two International governing bodies of note: 


Student Information:

What you need to Register & Participate:

  • Matric or equivalent to finishing school, minimum.
  • Be able to speak, read and write in English South African ID or a recognised Passport
  • 10 sample or test clients or a team/group of 6 clients.
  • Buy Two International Books. These two books are the exact same ones I used to develop the Portfolio of Evidence from. Having the same books will make your PoE easier to find the answers ?
    • The 7 Habits book is the first book to buy and you can start reading it from about week 3:
    •  This advanced coaching book by John Blakey, is your second book, which you only need around week 7 or 8. Do not start reading this book, you need a good coaching foundation first to really get the benefit:

  • Stable Internet Connection with a laptop/desktop/iPad for video conferencing.
  • Zoom installed and ready to use. Here is a useful link: How to Zoom
  • Be willing to learn, be stretched, have fun, participate and grow.


What you get:

  • Digital training notes in colour
  • Digital Toolkit to use with your clients and setup your business.
  • Portfolio of Evidence: 3 digital files, one for each PoE
  • UFS student number for Short Learning Program
  • 8 training days
  • 16 Community of Practise online sessions (Professional Learning Group)
  •  a fail proof 12 step Life Coaching Program to take your clients through
  • Coaching models and tools that really work and bring out the best in your clients
  • Accredited Certificate from UFS. NQF level 6, 30 credits, with the title: Coaching with Impact:  Health Coach Specialist.