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Bant Easy Coaching

Bant Easy Coaching

Make a Banting Lifestyle work for you? Purchase a Bant Easy coaching session for personalised assistance.

Track your macro nutrients (Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates), for a week. Bring printscreens or visuals of your tracking tool to your coaching session, and I will help you find your "sweetspot" for burning your own fat. There is more to winning than just eating right. Let me help you realise your awesomeness ☺

P.S. If you don't have a tracking tool, feel free to use the printout provided.


Sports Performance
Are you a sports person looking to be fat adapted for ultra performance and great endurance – let’s work together to help you be your best ☺

In addition: Talk to me about Big Match Temperament Coaching to compliment your sports performance. BMT is how you perform emotionally and mentally. It is all aobut who you are on the field and off the field together with performance. It takes more than just great talent to be an awesome at sports.




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Amanda Strydom

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