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Here you will find a blend of Coaching, Mentoring, Training, and Tools.
All of our content works across cultures and belief systems.
We have variety of categories for different facets of your life, that might need polishing.
All content has been tried, tested, modified and developed to be pragmatic.
Everything stems from over 18 years of people development.
We are working hard at developing inspirational content.
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Creating Champions

Creating Champions

 P.S. As a bonus, we have added video content taken from a workshop where Amanda trains Faieza. There is power in the simplicity of blending Coaching, Mentoring and training. They met up for 3 training session of 2.5 hours each. Faieza's business is health coaching. She has realized that her current method of working with clients is leaving her exhausted and drained! 


Creating Champions is about blending Coaching, Mentoring, and Trianing.
Designed specifically for working across niches and cultures to bring change in peoples lives. 
 Many have benefitted from a Coach using this blended approach. For example:

  • Parents learn to use a coaching approach in the home
  • Teachers use a coaching approach in the class room
  • Add coaching to your counseling
  • Help people find direction or life purpose
  • Start a coaching business

The essence of this course is to:

  • Raise the quality of coaching using a blended approach
  • Provide quality training of international standards
  • Teach skills relevant to multiple industries, cultures and communities
  • Adapt international Best Practice & Tools for a blended approach
  • Promote skills development, entrepreneurship & job creation
  • Create Champions by empowering people to be self-sustianable rather than needy


Two Test Clients:
This course is pragmatic and therefor after learning some skills and tools, you get to try things out. Please arrange to have two test clients - people who will allow you to coach them knowing that you are learning.

  • Test client #1 needs to be available for two coaching sessions.
  • Test Client #2 needs to be available for one session.


After the course you will:

  • Clearly understand the difference between coaching & mentoring
  • Know how to blend coaching, mentoring & trianing, in service of your clients
  • Be qualified to coach across cultures
  • Be fully conversant in various coaching tools
  • Be competent at applying a 7 step process for developing clients, solving problems and bringing change
  • Be equipped to utilise more than 10 highly effective, tried and tested tools
  • Be able to download a coaching tool kit. 

Despite this being a foundation course,  it has already brought change in many peoples lives. It embraces the essence of coaching to bring change assisting people to become the champions that they were born to be. 

This course includes a combination of lessons, downloads, and video snippets, where Amanda trains and discusses the content with Faieza. The entire curriculum is broken into 30 bite size lessons, simply teaching you one thing at a time. 

Should you enjoy this, please contact us to find out more about our advanced coaching course which carries 30 university credits. 


Meet Our Teacher

Amanda Strydom

Amanda Strydom

Education Innovation, Coaching, People Change