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Personal Core Values with DIY Coaching

Personal Core Values with DIY Coaching

Find out what matters to you, why and how to be empowered!

We have created DIY lessons as a means of bringing you coaching. This coaching has proven over the years to be very valuable to our clients with a 100% positive feedback. Personal Core Values have proven to be foundational to winning in life, so we paid thousands to develop the online assessment. This is what a few clients have to say:

"... helped me prioritise all the different dreams and goals I have, while helping me gain an understanding of my drivers and how to use them to reach my full potential..."

"I never realised how important.... is to me..."

"If only I had known this years ago..."

"Open heart surgery, yet so simple and extremely empowering."

"I will never be the same again... thank you..."

Don't live with regrets - Just Do it!



  • 2.1 Personal Core Values: First things First Duration:
  • 2.2 Personal Core Values: Getting To Grips Duration:
  • 2.3 Personal Core Values: A Deep Dive Duration:
  • 2.4 Personal Core Values: Now What? Duration:
  • 2.5 Personal Core Values: Too Rigid Duration:
  • 2.6 Personal Core Values: My Positives Duration:
  • 2.7 Personal Core Values: What Holds Me Back Duration:
  • 2.8 Personal Core Values: Be Aware, Be Empowered Duration:

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Amanda Strydom

Amanda Strydom

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