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Radical Business

Radical Business


Become Self sustainable by doing Business On Your Phone.
Take this course and learn how to create a job for yourself and become self-sustainable. Turn your skill, talent or crafts into a Radical Business. All you need is a smart phone and the information and tools provided here.

An innovative collaboration between Banks, Business and Life Coaches brings you a program that will develop you and your Radical Business idea. 

You receive a blended approach of Mentoring, Coaching, Training and Tools; everything you need for a Radical Business, using only a smart phone.


Bringing significant change by empowering you to have a Radical Business!


  • 6.1 Setup Your Business Duration:
  • 6.2 Performance Coaching Duration:
  • 6.3 Find it Duration:
  • 6.4 Branding Duration:
  • 6.5 Dreams to Reality - TQ (2) Duration:
  • 6.6 My Business Growth Plan Duration:
  • 6.7 Marketing P's Duration:
  • 6.8 Marketing vs Sales Duration:
  • 6.9 One Page Business Pan Duration:
  • 6.10 How To Attract Clients Duration:
  • 6.11 Cash Flow Duration:

Meet Our Teacher

Amanda Strydom

Amanda Strydom

Education Innovation, Coaching, People Change