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Self Development

Self Development


Are you wondering?
What could you achieve in life if you knew how to tap into and maximize your potential? It is never too late. Do you need help to get you moving in the right direction?

We believe that life is a journey full of adventure in every step. The best way to start, is to take the first step - believe in yourself and invest in your development. By doing this course, you will learn a lot, including what works for you and brings pleasure to you. 

No one ever promised life would be easy – especially if you want to achieve great things. We will teach you simple things that can have a huge impact on what you want to achieve in life.

Be prepared to work hard, think hard and have a change of heart. If you work through all of the material, apply it to your life... you are guaranteed to be a better person and know how to maximize your potential.

You need to be prepared to try... try hard, and push through when things are tough. We are not going to lie to you, but achieving great things, involves blood, sweat, and sometimes tears.

By the way... if you want everything to all fall into your lap – this course is not for you.

You will work hard, get organized and learn how to mange your own expectations to carve out your road of adventure.

This program is about getting to fully understand yourself and assists you with making choices that serve you best, for you to be your best.

Remember: "Failure is a stepping stone to success".  We all make mistakes, the difference is what we do with the lessons learnt and how we stand up again.

We have two questions:

  1. What do you want out of life?
  2. What are you prepared to do, to get it?

Join us! We look forward to hearing about your adventure and success stories.

Meet Our Teacher

Amanda Strydom

Amanda Strydom

Education Innovation, Coaching, People Change