How much of a difference does good coaching really make?


With Snowball Effects…

Coaching in various forms has been around for generations. One thing that everyone can agree on is that good coaching really works!

Here are 4 of 7 our focus areas:

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  • Higher levels of employee engagement and commitment!
  • Higher Levels of Employee Satisfaction
  • Dramatically higher levels of customer service and satisfaction
  • 10% increase of productivity through coaching, would double the profits of most organisations – Peter Drucker
  • Biggest problem: Most managers and executives don’t actually know how to coach!


  • Mitigating Anxiety & Exam Preparation
  • Career, Entrepreneurship & Vision Board
  • Sport, Life and Media Balance
  • Leadership & Life Purpose
  • Personality & Conflict Resolution
  • Biggest problem: Misunderstood and undervalued


  • Phenomenal Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Chronic Medications
  • Reversal of Insulin Resistance
  • Greater energy regardless of age
  • Rebuilding Life
  • Biggest problem: Inaccurate information & inefficient support


  • Achieve more than you ever thought possible!
  • Live with “No Regret” and develop quality relationships
  • Turn your dreams into reality
  • Priorities: Work, Life and Family Balance
  • Emotional Intelligence, Personality and Personal Core Values
  • Biggest problem: Something everyone wished they had as a youngster

About Coaching With Impact

There is power in simplicity.

There is more power when someone lives it and specialises in it daily!

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